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Cambridge triplet newborn photography- Meet Brooke, Claire and Evan

As I may have mentioned in the past, before I was a newborn photographer I used to get my baby-fix by working as a nanny. I lived with a family in Montreal that had newborn twins and I loved juggling two angry sweet babies. Sure they had colic and hated sleeping, but I still loved life with multiples.

Brooke, Claire and Evan were nothing like my Montreal twins. They loved sleeping, and barely gave me any trouble. With the help of my beautiful (and pregnant!) assistant Elyse, I was able to keep everyone asleep at the same time for quite a while. I feel so honoured that I was given the opportunity to work with these beautiful babies.

Sweet baby triplets photographed by Kristin Hohenadel of Guelph, Ontario

Traveling from Guelph, Cambridge is one of my favourite places to have a photo shoot. I still can’t decipher Galt from Preston from Hespeler, but what I have figured out is that many of my Cambridge clients live closer to me than my south end Guelph clients. I also love that Cambridge has so many amazing services for moms. , (breast feeding, food sensitivities, colic, thrush), Dr. (a great chiropractor specializing in women and children), and (pelvic floor muscle strengthening) are all wonderful small businesses which I happily refer clients and friends to. One of my best friends, who is currently 9 months pregnant, mentions Dr. Isabel nearly every time I talk to her. Dr. Isabel’s specialized knowledge of chiropractic care during pregnancy has really helped my friend as she prepares for her little guy to arrive (hopefully tomorrow!).

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