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April Showers Bring May Flowers- Special Deal from Captured by Kristin Newborn Photography

Happy April! Until the end of the month, I will be offering a set of 24 birth announcements with every session booked for May, June or July. I only book 3 due dates per week so act fast! Birth announcements are a wonderful way to share the joy of your newborn baby with friends and family. People love to display your new bundle of joy on their refrigerator! By the way I posted this with the best budget internet in my area, check it out!

Allow me to come to your home (within about 60km of Guelph, ON- Kitchener, Waterloo, Oakville, North York, Burlington, Milton, etc!) to capture those first precious memories of your child. They grow SO FAST!

Guelph Waterloo baby photos

Sample Birth Announcement from Captured by Kristin Newborn Photography

Better Beginnings, Better Futures Guelph (Onward Willow Better Beginnings Better Futures) and Onward Willow Neighbourhood Group

I just wanted to add a quick (cute baby free) post about one of my favourite local organizations. I know, at least on Facebook, that I mention Michael House a lot, since I love supporting sweet little babies, but I want to spread my love to a couple other fabulous Guelph organizations.

Better Beginnings, Better Futures Guelph and Onward Willow Neighbourhood Group are both located in the area of Willow Road and Dawson Road. In the past, you may have heard the term Onward Willow Better Beginnings, Better Futures. They have recently changed their name to reflect that there are two distinct organizations serving the community in different ways. The Onward Willow Neighbourhood Group (OWNG) is part of the Guelph Neighbourhood Support Collation (GNSC).  Because of the long and rich history of the two organizations (see , many names have been associated with them as they have grown. Some people still refer to Better Beginnings, Better Futures Guelph as The Family Gateway. People also refer to it as Shelldale. The old Shelldale school is where BBBFG currently resides. They rent a large portion of the Shelldale building from another organization.

Onward Willow Neighbour Group does amazing work  with community development targeted primarily towards adults. They provide free clothing, emergency food, employment counselling, access to phones and community programming.

Better Beginnings, Better Futures Guelph focuses on providing comprehensive, holistic programming for children and youth from birth all the way through high school. They offer parent and baby groups,  after school programs, teen groups and a variety of other services to promote social, emotional, behavioural, physical and educational development in children.  They also work to strengthen the abilities of parents and families to respond effectively to the needs of their children.

Both programs contribute to the City of Guelph in powerful ways. I would love it if you would take the time to ‘like’ them on Facebook, follow them on Twitter and check out the websites. Twitter: @Onwardwillow Facebook: Twitter: @BBBFGuelph Facebook:

Cambridge triplet newborn photography- Meet Brooke, Claire and Evan

As I may have mentioned in the past, before I was a newborn photographer I used to get my baby-fix by working as a nanny. I lived with a family in Montreal that had newborn twins and I loved juggling two angry sweet babies. Sure they had colic and hated sleeping, but I still loved life with multiples.

Brooke, Claire and Evan were nothing like my Montreal twins. They loved sleeping, and barely gave me any trouble. With the help of my beautiful (and pregnant!) assistant Elyse, I was able to keep everyone asleep at the same time for quite a while. I feel so honoured that I was given the opportunity to work with these beautiful babies.

Sweet baby triplets photographed by Kristin Hohenadel of Guelph, Ontario

Traveling from Guelph, Cambridge is one of my favourite places to have a photo shoot. I still can’t decipher Galt from Preston from Hespeler, but what I have figured out is that many of my Cambridge clients live closer to me than my south end Guelph clients. I also love that Cambridge has so many amazing services for moms. , (breast feeding, food sensitivities, colic, thrush), Dr. (a great chiropractor specializing in women and children), and (pelvic floor muscle strengthening) are all wonderful small businesses which I happily refer clients and friends to. One of my best friends, who is currently 9 months pregnant, mentions Dr. Isabel nearly every time I talk to her. Dr. Isabel’s specialized knowledge of chiropractic care during pregnancy has really helped my friend as she prepares for her little guy to arrive (hopefully tomorrow!).

Elmira Newborn Pictures- Outdoorsy Baby Weston

Many of you have heard the story of my family reordering and reordering birth announcements when my nephew Joey was born. In the end, 150 were distributed. My dad was stealing announcements from the pile quicker than I could order them. He was so proud of baby Joey that every person he came into contact with needed a birth announcement. My dad saw it as a way to share his excitement, but a business owner, I saw them as little maple keys blowing in the wind. Eventually, one landed in the right place and grew into a referral tree. When the average family send out birth announcements, the grandfather’s chiropractor usually doesn’t make the list. Fortunately for me, we’re not average, and that is why I have the opportunity to share this sweet little guy with you- the chiropractor’s grandson.

Born in spring, Weston’s grandmother had a long, cold winter worth of time to prepare for his arrival. She made him a stunning quilt and a baby blanket to coordinate with his nursery theme. Both made an appearance during his newborn photography session. He had the coolest nursery I have seen in quite a while. As a modern lumberjack baby, Weston’s room had this fabulous birch tree wall paper. Plaid fabrics and vintage outdoor sporting goods made the perfect accent pieces. One of his vintage pieces was a beautiful old minnow bucket. Mason happily slept as I posed him in the bucket for a few photos.

After a wonderful day of taking newborn photos of a sweet lumberjack baby, I got to eat lunch at the amazing . Keeping the spirit of the alive, The Robin’s Nest had a ‘Liquid Gold Latte’ on their menu with real maple syrup in it. It is definitely worth stopping in to try. Breakfast at the St. Jacobs Market, lunch at The Robin’s Nest and then snack at Sittler’s Bakery in Conestogo would pretty much be the most delicious local food tour ever…. but I was supposed to be writing about baby photos;)

Woolwich township newborn photographsGuelph newborn photographer takes pictures of baby in bucket

The beautiful quilt grandma made:

Baby pictures taken in Elmira, Ontario (waterloo region)

Hat knit by  of Drayton, Ontario- right here in Wellington County!
Photograph of newborn baby in Elmira, OntarioNewborn pictures photographed by Guelph Photographer

Grandma’s handiwork again- I am completely in love with this beautiful blanket!

baby photos taken in Elmira, Ontario

Guelph Newborn Pictures | Baby Cruz

I loved meeting Cruz and his family. Daddy went out and got me and mommy lattes during the shoot. I keep the room 85-90 degrees during the shoot in order to keep the babies warm, but even in that heat I cannot turn down a latte.

After our newborn photography session, Cruz’s mom made the ‘mistake’ of brining all her lovely prints to a family reunion. I got a call saying that she needed to reorder everything “because they took every last picture- even the box!” I thought that was pretty funny. I guess the moral of the story is to order enough prints for all your extended relatives… or to hide your beautiful baby pictures from your extended relatives. I had a new set of prints to mom as quickly as I could and I know she got a lot of enjoyment out of the reprints. I’m sure all the original prints found very happy homes as well!

I love working with Guelph babies. I like to travel as well, but babies in Wellington County hold a special place in my heart. I have run into Cruz and his mommy strolling the beautiful streets of downtown Guelph a couple times since his infant photos were taken. It is so nice to watch my little clients grow up. That first newborn baby stage really is fleeting. One moment they are teeny little bundles and the next thing you know, they are sitting up and babbling and growing big and strong. I am happy that Cruz’s family gave me the opportunity to captured these moments for them.

baby pictures taken in Guelph, Ontario

Baby Cruz taking it easy in Guelph, Ontario

newborn pictures guelph wellington

Baby Cruz sporting a hat made in Drayton, Ontario by Kiddo Designs

picture of baby in dad's hands in Guelph Ontario

Baby Cruz and his dad holding hands

newborn photography guelph elora fergus

Sweet Newborn Baby Cruz cuddled up in Guelph, Ontario Canada