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Hamilton Newborn Pictures | Miss Cuziah

My sweet friend Cuziah lived just outside of Hamilton, Ontario. I travel as far as Hamilton and Dundas with no additional travel fee. Miss Cuziah has a loving cousin in Guelph that referred her to me. I love referrals! It is so heart warming to know that someone in Guelph loves my newborn portraits enough to tell someone in Hamilton about my work.

Cuziah was a hungry little lady! She was definitely having a growth spurt. I love that the length of my newborn photography sessions allow us enough time to feed as many times as required. I would hate to see a baby rushed! We fed and soothed and waited for the perfect moment to capture this first precious moments of her little life. Babies are very good at dictating their own schedule. They love 3am party time, sleeping when they’re supposed to be awake, and taking a little nap when they’re supposed to be feeding. You just have to let go of the plans and work on ‘baby time’. For moms, this means being up all night sometimes, but I hope that most of my babies figure out the difference between days and nights pretty quickly. In the mean time, it is often good for the pictures if the baby was up all night the evening before. This allows them to sleep well throughout the session!

I supply all the newborn Photo props that we use during the sessions. I have various hats, blankets and baskets, and put a great deal of effort into styling my shoots. If you are looking for a hat like the one below, it can be purchased from Kiddo Designs is located in Wellington County and ships out of Drayton, Ontario. She specializes in knit items for newborn babies, but also makes hats for older children on request.

Baby pictures in Dundas Ontario

Little Miss Cuziah modeling a hat made in Drayton Ontario

Mississauga Baby Pictures | Baby Alexander

Peel region newborn photographer

What a handsome little man! Posing for Captured by Kristin Newborn Photography

Baby Alexander of Mississauga, Ontario came to me as a referral from my dear friend Mark in Milton. Mark sends the best emails to his pregnant friends about baby pictures, and always sends me a copy. This particular email was entitled “Kristin meet Ruth… Ruth meet Kristin” and had a huge photo of me swiped from my Facebook account before any mention of why we should ‘meet’ each other. Here is an excerpt of the email:

Kristin is the president, owner, CEO, CFO, an most importantly, chief photographer for Captured by Kristin… A specialty outfit in newborn baby photography.

Kristin is a self-proclaimed “baby whisperer” and has a knack for gently molding newborns to fit her creative poses.
She has a multitude of experience and has even photographed my 3rd child Oliver.
I’m putting the both of you in touch.

Kristin, Ruth is a Grandmother 2 times over, and her daughter recently gave birth to a bouncing baby boy.

baby photography in Caledon ontario

Mississauga Infant captured at 2 weeks old

I’m not sure if I called myself the baby whisperer or if his wife did. You can go back in the history of this blog to see how cute Oliver is…. he’s really really cute. I feel like Mark should be hired on my staff as my official email writer… I’m never that entertaining. Maybe he should write my blog posts too!

baby in the brampton area having newborn portraits taken

Little Alexander loved my newborn photography hats!

Mississauga and most of the region of Peel are within the travel range of Captured by Kristin Newborn Photography, so there is no travel fee for me to come to your home. I love taking baby pictures in Mississauga and the Peel region. Sometimes I forget how close to Guelph the cities of Mississuaga, Brampton and Caledon really are. It’s just a quick hop on the 401 and I’m there before I know it. I even got a chance to spend a little bit of time enjoying the outdoors while I was visiting Mississuaga, and captured some lovely images of little Alexander’s big sister!

Child portraits taken in peel region

Enjoying the beautiful weather in Mississauga, Ontario

sibling of newborn in Mississauga ontario

Charlize | Barrie Newborn Baby Photography

baby pictures Barrie Lake Simcoe

Sweet Charlize posing in taco pose in Simcoe County

Photographing Charlize was particularly challenging. As my cousin’s baby and the first great-grandchild, the pressure was on to have a really great session. We got some great newborn portraits, but not as many as I would have liked because she was hungry hungry hungry! I’m pretty sure she breast fed for 3.5 of the 4 hour session. She was not crying or fussy, just very hungry!

Many babies go through a growth spurt at some point in their first few weeks of life. We leave enough time for them to feed when they need in our newborn photography sessions. The image gallery will have more variety in it if the baby feeds for less than 3.5 hours of the 4 hour session, but we just go with the flow. We can still capture wonderful images no matter how much time baby cooperates for, but we prefer more than a half hour to work with:)

I love seeing these images displayed. I seldom get to see where my newborn images end up. Most of my aunts have framed pictures of miss Charlize, and I know everyone really enjoyed the pictures I captured of her before she grew up. She has grown so quickly!

Barrie baby photos

Newborn baby Charlize poses for newborn portraits in Barrie, Ontario

Driving from Guelph, Ontario, I do charge an additional travel fee for baby pictures in Barrie, Ontario. Please contact me for details. Baby pictures are an important investment. Your newborn will grow out of that first, fleeting stage before the end of their second week. There is no time to book a quality photographer after trying a budget photographer that does not give you the results you are looking for.

newborn photographer Kristin Hohenadel

Latest member of the Captured by Kristin Newborn Photography family

Devoted Knits Simply Wraps

*Contest is now closed*

When I first received my Devoted Knits Simply Wraps in the mail, I was not 100% sure what to do with them. They looked really pretty but I could not figure out how to incorporate them into my work. The first thing I tried was using it as a head to toe wrap by just placing one end under the feet and one end under the head.

My first attempt at using a Simply Wrap



















You can tell from the lack of editing and the absence of my logo that I was not happy with the result. It doesn’t show the lovely texture of the wrap, it isn’t wide enough, and it leaves that little gap behind the neck. I was beginning to think i would need 2 or 3 wraps just to fit the baby.

I went back to the drawing board to think about how to get the full potential out of these wraps. An idea then came to me- pantyhose. Have you every tried to put pantyhose on without stretching them width-wise? The width-wise stretch is vital for the ability to get into pantyhose quickly and without snags. As it turns out, the secret to using the Devoted Knits Simply Wrap is the exact same thing. Here are some lovely step-by-step photos of me placing a wrap on a baby.



This is how the wrap comes

This is the money shot- this move is what makes the wrap lay so nice.

I lightly place the wrap over the baby and tuck the top under the head

I gently pull the wrap to tuck the other front edge down near the leg

Here I am tucking it in

I gently pull around to tuck under the bum

Here is the view from the top- you will never see that it doesn't cover the far side of the baby in pictures

The end result!

And the same technique with a different baby- this time in the taco pose




















And there you have it- the best way I have found to get the maximum potential out of a Devoted Knits Simply Wrap. I now use at least one of these wraps in every session. I love adding variety to my images without having to move the baby!

You can find Simply Wraps on the Devoted Knits website. You can find more examples of Simply Wraps in action on her Facebook page. If you would like to win a Simply Wrap from Devoted Knits, simply ‘like’ her Facebook page, ‘like’ my page at Captured by Kristin Newborn Photograpy and comment on this post to enter. Entries will be accepted until 10pm EST on June 5th.

This contest is in no way affiliated with Facebook Inc.

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