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Regan Ariyah | Photographing Newborn Babies in Toronto

First of all, what an awesome baby name, Regan Ariyah! She goes by Ariyah, which I think is so beautiful. I drove down to Toronto for this photo session with baby Ariyah and it was well worth the drive to the GTA. She was a picture of perfection.

This little lady was a classic example of why I ask mum to stay 20ft away during the newborn portrait session. Every time mum came close, she woke up and starting stirring. ‘Better wake up, smells like a tasty snack is nearby!’ It was comical how sensitive she was to it.

Newborn Photos Toronto GTA

Toronto Newborn Photography, Miss Regan Ariyah

Carson | Cambridge Newborn Photo Session

Baby Carson was such a beautiful baby boy. Not to be upstaged, his sister, my new very best friend, came in to get some pictures with her baby brother. She was such a ham! I loved the painting in the nursery, and was glad I brought a coordinating bowl for him to sleep in. He was so comfy that he slept in the bowl on the floor with mom’s supervision as I was setting up my background for the rest of the session. He could have slept there all day! I loved going to Cambridge to meet Carson and his family.

Newborn baby photographed in Cambridge, Ontario

Beautiful Siblings Newborn Photography Cambridge

Twin Frames

I forgot to send one of the 18 images this family ordered to the lab. When I was reordering, I remembered that I had bought theses boy and girl frames. They were just sitting in my office waiting for the perfect client to give them to. I printed off a black and white photo of each child along with the one print I forgot to order and Voila! Instant apology gift.
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Tyler | Kitchener Baby Pictures

This was a special shoot. First of all, I wasn’t using my own camera. It was my one and only day as a Canon shooter. Secondly, this little guy was absolutely amazing. Photographing him in his home in Kitchener was an absolute joy. He was having breathing problems related to his trachea and wheezed the entire time. I don’t want to say a medical problem was cute… but the wheezing was so cute! I really felt for mum and dad though, it sounds like Tyler gave them a few scares. He was doing much better when I delivered his prints. He was much bigger and just as cute. Thank you to Tyler’s family for letting me photograph their precious newborn baby!

Mike Church - Wow !!!!!! Great great pics ! Tyler looks perfect ( as he is !!!!!) Nice work

Emilia | Newborn Photography Mentor

I met this special little lady during a newborn photography mentoring session in Chatham, Ontario.  I cannot wait to see the improvement in the photographer’s newborn work in her upcoming newborn sessions. She was such a wonderful person and I know she will make an amazing newborn photographer.