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Chase and Mackenna | Guelph Baby Pictures

This duo won my first ‘Cutest Capture Contest’ with this first image. I am not surprised that my facebook fans chose this image, it’s hilarious! I just want to squish those little cheeks. My favourite part of this session though was the storybooks mum ordered. They were so beautiful that I had the urge to call every other client I’ve ever had and try to convince them to get some. What a great gift for grandma!

Miko | Grimsby Newborn Photography

Grimsby is a bit out of my typical driving boundary, but I was happy to drive there to meet this little guy. It was one of my quickest shoots ever. I was just pose, pose, pose and goodbye! He didn’t need a feed break, he didn’t use my backdrops as a diaper (as most do!), and I don’t think he made one peep the entire time.



Layla | Binbrook Baby Photos

Layla was simply beautiful. Her skin, hair and eyelashes were to die for. I decided to post only one images because I want it to shine. It is still one of my favourite newborn images, and I have shot some 25 newborns between capturing this shot and writing this post.

Colton, Brooklyn and Avery | Fergus Newborn Photographer

I love triplets! My cousins are triplets, and I have loved the last 12 years of watching them grow. These triplets are super special because they were naturally conceived fraternal triplets. I think they said that they were the 3rd natural (non-invetro) triplets out of 40 sets of triplets delivered at McMaster Hospital. What a miracle! I am so happy I had the opportunity to meet these 3, and I’m glad mum is my Facebook friend now so that I can continue to watch them grow in the pictures they post!

Jack Devlin - Holy moly, this is some epic, epic photography. Incredibly inspiring and beautiful. Love it. Jack Devlin