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Random Post: Ebay

As I search for new props on Ebay, I feel the need to tell everyone about AuctionSniper. It’s the most exciting gadget ever and makes winning so much easier. I used to set a timer so that I could be at the computer when the auction was about to end, but now I just set it and forget it. Like I really needed more props though…

xoxo Kristin

Oliver | Milton Newborn Photographer

Baby #2, Oliver, was so beautiful. He wasn’t very interested in sleeping, and he didn’t like my poses, but I loved him all the same. Through the magic of blogging many months later, I’ve also included a picture of him at 4 months. Gorgeous.



Alexis | Arthur Newborn Photographer

I decided to start my blog from the beginning. This is newborn #1. I was a photographer for 5 years before baby #1, but this is the day I found my passion. Alexis was really good for me, and sweet mom, Fanny, just trusted me to do whatever I wanted. It was a really great experience…. until this happened on the way home.Thank you to Fanny’s brother Mike for pulling me out of the ditch!