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Logan and Sophia | Guelph Twin Newborn Multiples Photography

First, a shout out to my Godmother, who is incredibly supportive of everything I do. Logan and Sophia’s mom worked with my Godmother, and my Godmother purchased the session for them as a gift. What an awesome way to (a) show she stands behind my work and (b) be an amazing coworker.

Not everyone knows this but in my past life I was actually a nanny specializing in multiples. It all started with my younger triplet cousins who I watched Winnie The Pooh with when my aunt went out to get groceries when I was 12, and then became 10 years of newborns and babies and kids that came in pairs and triples! I’ve even been a live-in night nanny for newborn twins. It was a tiring but fun summer living in Montreal with a delightful set of colic stricken twins. Mum and I would both be starved for dinner, trying desperately to get something into our mouths while maintaining the right combination of bounces and jiggles to keep the twins at ease. This means that when I get newborn twins to photography, I feel at home. I still know the right bounces and jiggles to keep babies calm and happy, and that is really the secret to my work, and a large part of why I specialize in newborn portraits.

Logan and Sophia were wonderful multiples to photograph. They slept nicely and were, of course, gorgeous babies. I really enjoyed the opportunity to provide custom portraiture to their family.

Newborn Twin Babies Photographed in Guelph, Ontario

Guelph Twin Photography

Newborn Twins Multiples Portrait Session

Logan and Sophia, Multiples Photographed in Guelph, Ontario

Little Miss Sophia Twin Photo Twins Multiples

Little Miss Sophia Twin Portraiture

Little Mr. Logan Guelph Newborn Twin Photo Guelph, Ontario

Little Mr. Logan Guelph Newborn Twin

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